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May Life Coach Session Special

$ 150.00 USD

I provide you with 4 sessions of Life Coaching for any part of you life you feel you need improved. This is a really great deal for those who are seeking inner changes in their life.

This is done with psychic readings as well as healings directed to your needs. Contact me with any questions before ordering.

Psychic Christine

 Reading Prices are:

15 Minutes  $45.00
30 Minutes  $65.00
45 Minutes  $99.00
60 Minutes  $132.00

 All psychic readings come with a FREE Numerology Report.

Offering psychic healing that helps to cleanse the mind of her patient, Psychic Christine has a gift that is her mission to share with the world. To help heal the body and mind, she has aided people in recovery with readings on life, love, relationships, professional and otherwise. Her abilities are as diverse as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, general psychic reading, Astrology Reports, Natural Health consultation, spellcasting, afterlife readings, and more. Whether you are seeking guidance and enlightenment or you wish to learn how to learn interpret your own psychic gifts, Christine is the medium for you. 

Whatever insight you are seeking, whatever conflict you are tangled with, and wherever you may be on the path of life, Psychic Christine will help guide you back onto a new path of clarity, enlightenment, and optimism. Providing you with the energies for your mind and body to able themselves to create for you a quality of life never experienced before, hand-in-hand, Christine will lead with you. Her readings are truthful, straightforward, and sometimes startling. What she provides is a perspective and an outlook towards your future, and with this information, you are able to move forward in a more positive, a more focused, and a more accepting light. 

Contact Psychic Christine today for a reading. 

All of her psychic readings come with a free astrology or numerology report. 

*Life coach, psychic clairvoyant, paranormal/psychic investigator, lightworker and spirit rescuer, Reiki master and healer, and Tarot consultant, Christine offers consultations on all these and more. 

Make contact with her today through the “Contact Me” page for more info.

Psychic Life Advisor Christine 

Life Coach, Psychic Clairvoyant, Paranormal/Psychic Investigator, Lightworker & Spirit Rescuer, Reiki Master & Healer, Tarot Consultant

 My Services

After life readings to contact loved ones who have passed on

Astrology and numerology reports

Home cleansing

Psychic Life Coach

Spiritual cleansing

Natural health consultation

Email readings

 Text readings/Phone Readings

 Pet readings

 Spiritual Aromatherapy sessions

 Reiki Healings/Chakra Balancing

 Spell casting

A variety of courses such as Psychic Development, Reiki, Spiritual Communication, Past Lives and more to come. I offer a variety of psychic readings ranging from general to readings on family, life, love, money and relationships as well as problems in relationships. Please click the above link on Services to see all that I offer.

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